Jas’s new bed


I’ll let you guys know how our 1st night turns out lol

*update* her 1st night in her new bed was wonderful! She slept there ALL NIGHT! She didn’t fuss or whimper or anything! I kept waking up and checking on her to make sure she was alright lol. At 5am this morning she got out of the bed and wanted to lay with me and she’s currently snoring on the other side of my bed lol! Overall though, its a success.


8 thoughts on “Jas’s new bed

  1. I love her bedding! That’s adorable! Does she get in and out of it by herself ok, or is there a little stool or something? I’ve been thinking about going on and converting Izzy’s crib into the toddler bed, but I dont think she’ll stay in, lol!

    • She can get in and out of it by herself its pretty low to the ground but its long. She’ll be able to sleep in it for a few years before she upgrades again. Just make sure u have rails for izzy.

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