From baby bed to toddler bed

Jas currently sleeps in this every night at the bottom of course. It’s been a really good way to conserve space and she’s been sleeping soundly in it up until recently. Now I’m thinking it’s time to move her to a big girl bed. Something like thisIt’s a toddler sleigh bed. It’s super cute and I think she would love sleeping in this bed. I love that it has rails on the sides. she tosses and turns a lot in her sleep and those rails will keep her from being on the floor lol. It’s also low to the ground so if by chance she does have a spill, it won’t have far to go and she’d be ok.


I also want to get her this bedding. It’s her favorite show and I think she’d love to go to sleep with her favorite characters every night.I think it’ll be a good transition for her. It will also stop the climbing on the pack n play that she thinks it alright to do.

Are any of you guys thinking of transitioning to toddler beds? Have you already done it? If so how did it go?

18 thoughts on “From baby bed to toddler bed

  1. I know right? Lewis used to be very take it or leave it with the paci or even nighttime only. Now he is all paci all the time. He will even walk around with two of them swapping them back and forth if he finds an extra one! Maybe it is some teething thing?

    • Jasmine does chew on hers a lot. So I know its a comfort thing and she is growing molars. But I often have to tell her to take it out while she’s trying to talk to me. . . And she does! Lol. It got to be too much for me on Sunday morning feeding her oatmeal and she put it in her mouth after every bite. I got to frustrated with it that I took it and threw it across the room. I told her she could go get it when she was done eating so she told me ” all done” and threw her hands in the air smh.

  2. At the New Year, we finally moved Lewis out of the PnP and into his crib. The transition went very well! We had one night where we had to practice the Ferber progressive waiting thing. We did 3 minutes, then 5 minutes and then he was out. The next night, he cried for a minute and then he was out. Now he goes down at 9PM and wakes up at 7-something.

    We ALL sleep better now that everyone is in their own room. I don’t have to tiptoe around all night and early in the AM. I can read before I go to bed! I am sooo happy with this thing. I have no idea why we waited so long (15 months). Well actually, we thought the transition would be a nightmare so we kept punking out. I wish we had done the whole thing sooner. I won’t wait that long if I have another.

    Not sure when I’ll get a toddler type bed. Our crib converts to a toddler bed but I didn’t purchase the rails. It also converts to a full size bed without requiring extra stuff so we might just roll with that.

    Next up is getting rid of that paci. Every other night we do have to go in there on a find the paci mission. I somehow think this one won’t be as easy!

    • Oh geez I’m so with you on the paci(bink) thing. She’s addicted to hers. Its kinda crazy really. She can have it a few more months. Once she becomes more conversational we’ll have to do away with them. She can’t talk in full sentences to me with that bink in her mouth. It doesn’t work.

  3. FUD had a convertible crib. It goes from crib, to toddler day bed, to full size. Honestly I thought I was saving us money by getting a one-hitter quitter but the bed is made so poorly that I know we’ll have to get her something else before we make it full size status. I’m afraid to move her to a toddler bed now just because we have concrete floors. One wrong move and we could end up in the emergency room. LOL

    • Lol we don’t want any ER visits. I notice that Jas sleeps better in regular beds and I’m tired of middle of the night wake ups around this joint. So we have to try it out if for norhing else but my sanity lol

  4. Yea it’s time for her to have her a little bed. My son’s crib was a transitional crib to toddler bed, but he never used it when he got bigger. He currently sleeps in a big bed. I started to go small with him, but figured he’s growing..and it was a minute before he started sleeping alone. Toy story is is theme of choice.

    • Yea I’m gonna definately upgrade her. I just hope I don’t end up with her in my bed because she doesn’t like it. We’ll pull that damn pack n play back out before that happens tho lol

    • I’m so not ready either but i’d like her to be comfortable. I’ll keep you posted. I think I’m gonna get her the bed early next month

  5. I guess I have a wild child. He had the convertible crib as a baby. So that he could go from crib to a full size. We broke it down to the toddler bed size and he wouldn’t stay in it (getting up to come find me or even falling out of it.) I gave it away and eventually put him in a twin size and he loved his “big boy bed and big boy sheets”. He finally stayed put. When we moved last year I bought him a full size and he loves it even more.
    But do what you think works best for you and Jasmine.

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