Baby hair

So as you all know my baby has LOTS of hair. As a result I have to always find things to do with it. She can’t wear it down because it gets too tangled and she HATES for me to detangle it. So saturday she started off with 2 HUGE curly puffsI hadn’t detangled those puffs all week so I knew I had to at some point. Yesterday morning I washed it and sprayed it down with leave in conditioner and proceeded to think of ideas while I oiled her scalp and she laid in my lap. Then it came to me! Flat twists! She hates for me to cornrow it( like I care) and I didn’t want her yelling “stop, stop stop” at me while she swings at me and tries to escape. I didn’t have the energy. So this is what I ended up with. . .(kinda looks like she’s smoking that bink)We’ll see how long they last until EYE think they look crappy( even when her hair is fuzzy no one ever thinks it looks bad but me lol)


14 thoughts on “Baby hair

  1. You did a great job! Addison’s hair is just getting long enough to do anything with and I am dreading the day when combing hair becomes an all out battle

    • Thank you! Jas and I fight about her hair and often. But she’s getting much better about it. She likes looking pretty. Go figure. She is my kid lol

  2. Both of those styles are adorable. Still hoping I never have a girl (don’t tell The Mister that!). I simply cannot do hair. I just can’t. I can barely handle my own.

  3. It’s adorable! I know combing little girl hair is a pain, but on some level you must have fun combing it in different styles. I don’t have this problem as Marlie hardly has any hair, so I kinda envy you. I know I am asking for trouble!

    • Oh I loveee doing different styles. She just hardly let’s me do anything. I have way too many ideas in my head. But trying most of them out on her is a no go most of time lol. I love Marlie’s lack of hair! Lol its super dooper cute on her. U just wait until it starts growing! Ur gonna be in for it! Lol

    • Lol lord. Handbands and fros for Izzy! I sometimes wish jasmines hair would fro! That would save me some time and energy but its just too big so I have to keep it contained a bit lol.

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