A little bit of everything

Jasmine is growing molars and driving me nuts! I feel bad for my baby girl because she’s in pain, but he pain only seems to come in the middle of the freakin night!

My baby discovered my nickles. Yea, when I’m nekkid she reached for them to touch. smh

She’s also discovered her own nickles. When she’s nekkid she pinches them both at the same time.

I miss BF like crazy. So much so that I haven’t even been calling him. Now I know why he does that to me.

I don’t like my job but I like its stablility. This prevents me from going out and finding something better.

I wear a size 4.5 in kids shoe. . . And I wonder why jasmine at 14 months old still only wears a size 2.5

So we went from massive rain storms in cali to it being 80 outside today. This weather is crazy!

Anyone changing their zodic sign? I’m sure as hell not! I’m a Sag fo life!

some chick from HS invited me and bestie to her 30th bday party. We both told her no. I for one don’t care for her and don’t know how to pretend like I do so I won’t even try.

I read a lot of blog and have began to comment more. But I gotta say, I don’t like when bloggers dont comment back. Like they ask for opinions or advice and don’t comment back when you leave it. What part of the game is that Son!


15 thoughts on “A little bit of everything

  1. I’m going through my inbox which is why I’m thirty kinds of late in reading your posts! I’m going to have to save yours and take notes for when mine enters the teething and hair-combing stage! πŸ™‚

    As for blog comments, I rarely comment on my own blog because I can never be sure the original commenter will come back and check – I love love love it when they have an email attached to their comments so I can just hit reply from my email. That’s how I’ve made some really good friends – first through blog commenting and then through email chatting! It seriously makes me sad when I can’t reply to a comment because there’s no email attached – I’d hate for anyone to think I was ignoring them!

    Sooo, attach an email address so I can bug you for baby advice! πŸ™‚

  2. Seriously, I kinda have some feelings of dislike regarding your shoe size. *lol* Darn cute little feet. I’ve been cursed with size 11/12’s. Ergh!!
    I’m gonna tell you like my grandma told me – rub a little liquor on her gums, the darker the better, and you’ll both be happier.
    Good luck!

    • I’ve gotten told the dark drank thang a couple of times today. I’m gonna have to get some. The last couple of nights I’ve just been trying to keep her up later than normal. Its kinda working.

      Don’t hate on my feets! They match my height lol. I’m only 5’3″

  3. We are in the same teething boat. Oh, the horror. I read some article explaining why it hurts them more at night…something about the body’s natural pain relievers being used up during the day and that’s why they need sleep to replenish their defenses. But the pain keeps them awake! nice.
    I have tiny feet too. Marlie is barely in a size 4. I don’t understand the new zodiac signs, I’m still under Taurus. what changed?

  4. Have you tried Baby oragel for her molars? Hope it ends soon.
    Since she discovering things, this is time to teach body parts. And who may or may not touch them. Her touching her self has to be too funny. Little kids are hilarious.

    • Girl I hope it ends soon too! I haven’t tried the oralgel because its like 3am when she’s fussing.

      Yea she says boobs! Lmao but only refering to mine.

      Her pinching her own makes me laugh. Its too funny.

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