I’m late but. . .30th bday in pics

I know I’m hella late, sue me. But I’m just not remembering to get my BFF’s cam and upload my bday pics lol. I’ve been 30 all of a month andΒ  some days so it’s not too late right? Well here are the pics. We went to Benihana and had a wonderful time. I enjoyed myself but I think I’m not boujie enough for expensive Asian cuisine lol.

me and my BFF. She really is the best friend in the world


Me @30 and it looks awesome on me *vain* lol

me and my buddy Roro

my besties bro( mine too)

love this pic of us

i picked out that dress. Cute huh! and check out Cuddles the bear checking out her butt! lol

after 2 glasses of wine lol


Needless to say we were a good looking bunch! We met up with a few other friends at the Restaurant and enjoyed the evening.

The rice

Thee End! πŸ™‚

It was good times. I love spending time with my friends. After handing out with them I went and had sexy time with my Honey who came down for my birthday( and thanksgiving but we’re just talking about me here lol)



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