Talky baby

Jasmine TALKS A LOT! Like forreal. She always has something to say. Yeah she does the baby mumble like most babies but she actually says words and sometimes sentences. It amazes people when they hear her.

This week she has been extremely more talky( yea I made that up years ago and actually say it on a regular basis) than usual. Her new favorite word is “STOP” and she yells it! Yesterday in the mall I forgot her stroller so I had to let her walk. . . Very bad idea. She was on the move. Running pretty quickly and when we would catch her she was yell, “STOP MOMMY, STOOOP” smh. She also slapped my niece on the butt and told her , ” stop Deja!” Because deja was laughing at her smh.

Jas and my niece Deja ( deja says her and jas a besties LOL!)


The other night at my parents house she was playing with my niece deja and kept calling her , “Bad Baby!”

Leaving the house in the morning she told me ,” I go?”

I gave her a bracelet, she put it on and proclaimed, ” I wear it!” And smiled really big.

She says ” I eat!”,

“I pee pee” when I ask her if she’s wet.

I Pee!

She loves tossing herself on the floor and saying “owwwww”( she did this in the mall smh!)


oh and she also likes to read! She barely lets me read her a book because she wants to do it herself.

let read to you cousin!

Good book!

She has way too much to say for a 12 month old!


8 thoughts on “Talky baby

  1. At least you can understand what she’s saying! I can’t get past “ohwee doowee” with this 15 month old! LOL I think it means “I will do it” but can I really be sure? I need a baby translator.

    • See but the thing is, I want her to be quiet sometimes lol. Yesterday she threw a fit because I wouldn’t let her keep a ball she picked up in the store. We got in the car and she SCREAMED. I told her we needed to have a talk. I start talking and she talks OVER me. Smh. We came to an understanding but I did tell her she has too much lip for a 13 month old! Lol

  2. Too cute! Yeah, my little Marcus is like Lewis. He doesn’t say too many words, but of course “no” and “stop” are on the short list. Saving it all up for a big pow wow of a convo, I’m sure!

  3. mmmhmmm……and you say IZZY is the one getting out of the way……hmmmm *side eyes you*

    But back to the point : awwwwww! she is the cutest little thing! I bet her little voice is so adorable!

    • Izzy is the one getting out the way. She stole ur pills remember? Lol!

      She does have a very cute voice except when she’s LOUD! Lol

  4. That is so cute! Lewis is steady holding “conversations” with no real words! He will “talk” and gesture and point and make facial expressions he’s really saying something real but nada. I think he’s going to be the type to hold it all in and then just start saying a bunch of stuff one day.

    LOL – don’t let her combine “Stop” and “Owww” in public. Folks will think you are abusing her!

    • Girl the falling on the ground and loud “owwww” is bad enough! I know my cheeks were red lol.

      If jas doesn’t know the word for something she’ll gesture and then I’ll tell her what it is or ask her if that’s what she wants. But I make her use her words so I guess its my fault she’s so talky! Lol

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