The one where we Party. . .

As you all know, my sweet little Princess Jasmine turned 1 year old on Saturday Oct. 30th. The day started out pretty gloomy. It rained the night before which almost ruined all my party plans seeing as the party was an outside event. I prayed on it all night and by 7am the sun was shinning and all the wet ground was drying up nicely, which means I didn’t have to cancel any plans. Score 1 for mama oh. . . and God for answering prayers.

Jasmine woke up Saturday morning in a really good mood, like she usually does. She hugged and smooched me a million times and then she proceeded to follow me around the house like she usually does( she’s my shadow)I fed her oatmeal for breakfast, we took a bath and then we got dressed and headed out to my parents house where her party was being held. Jasmine played in the backyard running around speed walking the course of the backyard while I set up things for her guest. About an hour later she was cranky and tired so my best friend put her down for a nap.

While she slept we finished setting up for the party. Everything SEEMED to be running very smoothly and I was excited. About an hour after Jas went down for her nap she woke up and she was warm. She wasn’t acting any different so we put on out costumes for the day

Jasmine as Princess Jasmine of course

Mommy as Queen of the Nile


and went outside. The bouncer had arrived and I wanted to show it to Jasmine. I put her down and she started to cry. Picked her up and she was fine * puzzled face* Needless to say, Jas was in that mood the rest of the day. She took naps on and off. She didn’t want anyone touching or talking to her. After awhile she didn’t even want her costume on so I let her take it off and put on play clothes.

She did however have plenty of guest. . .There were also some ghetto party crashers who showed up to the party with Jasmine’s daycare teacher. Let me tell you what’s rude, I invite you right? I know you’re coming with 3 other people ( children) but aside from the people I know you’re bringing, you being along 4 adults and 3 children without notice. Yea, people who were not counted for and I made sure I did a head count. I wanted to make sure I was going to have enough food and drinks for the day.  Here they are. . .

Ghetto Party Crashers!

Yea they sat there the entire time ate and drank up everything. Brought 3 little ghetto boys with them one of which BEAT UP my 2 year old nieceWho was minding her own business in the bouncer. He scratched up her face. I told his parent and she spanked him on the hand o_O Let me tell you how I would have taken my kid home at that point. I wanted them to do so I decided it was time to sing happy birthday to Jasmine which she was excited for. She actually smiled and clapped and sang along for it. That made me happy that her mood was getting better.

Jasmine's Personal Cake

She enjoyed it!

Maybe a full 20 minutes after we sang Happy Birthday the party crashers left. From then on everything was nice and calm and even Jasmine started to loosen up a little bit. We danced, ate more cake and just had a fun evening.  She got pretty much a new wardrobe from all the gifts everyone got her and her favorite gift of all was the Dump Truck she had been eying when we’d go into the toy section at target. Yep folks, my Princess loves little boy toys lol. She loves hot wheels and any kind of car or truck toys but the Dump Truck light her face up like Christmas!


All and all she had a good party( minus the party crashers and that little negro little boy scratching up my nieces face) The lesson I learned from it thought was, NEVER invite people from daycare to another party. I never know how many extra folks they’ll invite with them. SMH

Here are a few more pics . . .

yes,I got in that jumper! lol

and the kids invaded it shortly after lol



Oh, yeah, we played a couple of games and handed out prizes to the winners. One of the things we did was have a Costume contest. Jasmine couldn’t win because it was her party but my niece and twinzy nephews, her baby brothers( pictured above) won the contest and Queen Bee and her Worker Bee’s! How cute are they!

10 thoughts on “The one where we Party. . .

  1. Dude, you look hot in that costume! Don’t get all excited – I’m not hitting on you, but I love it!

    What a fun party! Lil Jasmine is precious, as always 🙂

    I LOVE the party crashers!!! That totally cracked me up – especially the pic of them!

    • Thank you my little vanilla puddin pop! I like my costume. I’ll probably be wearing it again next year lol.

      Jasmine’s costume was fitting but she was not having it!

      Party crashers suck! They came for free food and an excuse not to keep an eye on their bad ass kids! Just ugh! But overall it was good times.

  2. Party Crashers suckl!!!!!
    You were killing it with that Queen outfit, loved it!!!
    Queen bee and her workers were too cute!!!
    Looks like the everyone had a good time.

    • Thank u girlie! I really liked me costume. It was very comfortable. Everyone loved the Bee’s. We all really did have a good time overall.

  3. that’s cool..looked like she had a great bday (score 1000 for mommy). my son hates his own bday. I bought him a bouncer his 1st bday..he wouldn’t. get on. he started crying when ppl sing happy bday (he still does now). he didn’t want to talk or be around anyone. his next one will be just us & doing things he likes to do.

    • Her party was nice overall. Next one will be pretty low key. This one was as well. The people that came were family and close friends(aside from the crashers lol) and that’s how it should be. And ur son is a silly goose with that crying during happy birthday lol. He doesn’t like the spot light like his pappy lol

  4. She’s so sweet in her Jasmine costume! awwww! Sorry about the party crashers, but all in all it looked like a great party and Jas is going to be the It-girl who throws the coolest Birthday/Halloween parties. Just don;t let me catch y’all on My Sweet 16, m’kay?

    • Lol the my sweet 16 thing is a promise! Lol we won’t ever get on that show. It was a fun party aside from those extra people.

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