I Love her

I’ll do an actual bday post really soon but here is one of Jas and I on her birthday. My baby girl was running a slight fever and was pretty much over the party before it even began.She wanted her costume off so I let her be without it. All she wanted was her mommy πŸ™‚ which is why my camera hardly has any pictures on it lol.

Bday post with pics and all coming very soon. I promise! lol


3 thoughts on “I Love her

  1. looks like jas trying to undress you…just saying. maybe you should be wearing clothes around the house ms. lady. let’s just say when my son started taking off this clothes & walking around in his underwear as if that’s what he sees everyday *looking around clueless*…I was quite embarrassed.

    • 1st of all. . . She likes my boobs! Lol and I hate u for pointing it out lol. I guess I shouldn’t walk around without clothes on around her so she doesn’t start thinking that’s everyones normal lol

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