Mommy for a year


I’ve made it a year y’all! Lol Jasmine turned 1 year old on staurday. I’ll have to add some pics of her party when I upload them.

Its strange, I put her to bed on October 29th and when she woke up on the 30th she looked bigger to me. She looked like she had grown some and just looked more mature in the face *tear* she’s still mamas baby though.

I just can’t believe this year has gone by so quickly. By this time last year I had a new born baby girl. The most beautiful baby girl I had ever seen in my life. Now she walks and sasses me talks and she’s so independant( but that parts nothing new). She makes me proud. But I am also proud of myself. I’ve been raising Jasmine by myself (with the support of my family and friends who are family.) And we’re both still alive and healthy lol. I haven’t gone crazy and neither has Jas. She really is the light of my life. And it seems as if she’s been with me forever. I can’t imagine my life without her in it.

So to my baby girl, Happy Birthday princess! May God Bless of with many more wonderful years.

Love Mommy.


12 thoughts on “Mommy for a year

  1. Happy happy birthday to the little lady! And a super huge “CONGRATULATIONS” to you Mommy for surviving the first year! My mother baked my son and I both a cupcake on his first birthday!!

    • Thank you! It does indeed have cup holders lol. Its an infant seat, toddler seat and booster seat. 3-1. Godmotherrs bday gift to her πŸ™‚

  2. congrats…and hope jasmine had a great birthday. I know how great it feels to watch your kids grow older. nothing more wonderful than that. congrats*dodge* this table I’m throwing at you.

    • thank you buddy! I love watching her grow up but I want her to stay my baby a little longer.

      Now why u wanna come in here startin fights! *takes off earrings*

    • She was on her way to school in her new big girl carseat lol. She thinks she’s the beezknees in it! And thank you Chrissy! Its almost your 1st mommiversary too!

    • I knowww I suck! Lol but I’ll post a few pics soon. Everyone had cams and I had to tend to a clingy baby so I didn’t get to snap many 😦

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