Do you REALLY know you’re mate?

As some of you know, my honey is out of state working in NYC. He’s been gone since the end of June. I miss him lots and lots but we talk every evening so that makes the missing him not so bad. Yesterday while sitting in traffic, I had an epiphany, “I don’t think I know the simple details about my guy.”  So while if traffic (yes it was that bad that I would have put it in park for 10 mins), I pull out my phone and I type out a questionnaire of sorts. Things I don’t know but should know about my guy.  . .

What you favorite color?

Favorite food?

Favorite TV show?

Favorite Song?

What is your greatest accomplishment so far?

Biggest disappointment?

Something you’ve always dreamed of doing?

Places you’ve always wanted to go?

What motivates you?

Who are people you consider real friends? What qualifies a person as a friend?


There were a few more personal type questions. When he got my e-mail he called me. He said he was going to sit down and respond to my e-mail but he didn’t want me to have a cheap sheet I could just save ( lol! Men!) So he went question by question answering each and explaining. Turns out, I knew all the answers but just never had conformation that what I thought was fact. (I’m dope like that! Lol) He also told me that he’s glad I asked because no one has ever cared enough to ask him these simple things about himself. I told him, I didn’t wanna assume anything and I want to know him down to the smallest details. We talked a little longer about some other things and laughed and joked as usual. But before ending the conversation ( past midnight for him smh) he told me that he loves me even more than he did before he called me. *sigh* He’s awesome.

How well do you know your significant other? Are the smallest details important to you?

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