Expanding family

image New baby nephew Peanut 4 days old

image Twinzy Nephews 6 months

image Baby niece GiGi 10 months

image Baby Niece Naya 9 months
(We make beautiful babies in my family don’t we πŸ™‚ )

Uh no guys, I’m not preggers lol, thanks. But my family is expanding. My oldest niece just had a baby boy on the 8th of this month. One of my sisters had twin boy 6 months ago. And aside from the twin she has 6 other kids. Did you do the math? That makes 8 kids! I had been thinking lately that at some point Id want Jas to have siblings, at least one. But with all of those cousins close in age, do I really need to make her one probably not! Lol

My brother also has a baby girl who is 7weeks younger than Jas. I grew up with close siblings. 4 sisters and a brother and I can’t imagine not having any of them.

If you have an only child right now, have you or are u considering expanding your family?


8 thoughts on “Expanding family

  1. 8 kids (!). Wow!

    We definitely want another child but not right now. Maybe I’ll start thinking about it seriously when Lewis gets closer to 2. There goes my no kids after 35 rule. I just seriously have no desire to be pregnant again. I wish I could pay someone to have our child.

    The Mister would like to adopt. That’s not something that is on my heart.

    • Yes girl 8! Lol. I don’t know how she does it. I agree with the no desire to be pregnant again either. It wasn’t fun the 1st time.I just want her to have at least one sibling. I’m not sure if adoption is in my heart either. But in the next couple of years, sha’ll see

  2. congrats on your growing family. I’m an only child..and I grew up w/ cousins close to my age that pretty much functioned as my siblings. my son is currently an only child & although i’d love to have tons more kids (cause I love them..) right now until I get a chick who is ready to settle & be a family I’m not really interested in having another. it’s tough..and I share responsibilty w/ my ex..but it’s still tough raising a child. and my son’s only 4..

    • Why thank you! I guess because I didn’t grow up an only child having siblings is all I know. All of my friends who are only children always say they wish they has siblings. I guess that’s what sways me toward more. When I get married, if lover wants another then I guess we’ll discuss it seriously.

    • You don’t want to go through pregnancy again? That’s my thing, I’m not sure if I do. But look at all of them, she has plenty kids to play with lol

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