Dear Romance

I never got a chance to really know you. My life is still young and maybe before its over I’ll know you intimately. People talk about you all the time. You’re their ideal. You seem to be what dreams are made of, although I know you truly exist. I know I’ve dreampt of many times. Hoping that one day eventually it would be my turn to grasp hold of even a small piece of you. I embody some of you. A lot of you actually. My ideas of love and happiness all come from things I know of you. I’m optimistic because of you. I stay and fight longer and harder for things I believe in because of you. You inspire me. Sometimes I close my eyes and open them welled up with tears because I’ve day dreampt of the magical scenarios that could one day become real. You see, I dream in fairy tales sometimes. You know the ones where the prince sweeps the princess off her feet and they live happily ever after. I just want my happily ever after. And with you Romance, I am certain one day I’ll get it.


6 thoughts on “Dear Romance

  1. you willl def get it. the thing about romance is…it’s waiting for you to realize it’s there. it’s always the air, behind a smile, ideally in ppl’s hearts. you just have to see it materailize. hope you see it soon.

    nice post

    • Thanks sugar. My romance left for work in New York almost 3 months ago so romantically I’ve been a tad lonely. Hopefully it gets back home soon so I can physically touch romance again.

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