Dear Baby. . .


Dear Princess J,

It’s been 10 months already! Can you believe it!  I can’t! You’ve grown soo much in the past couple of months. Time is flying by way too fast! Soon you’ll be a year old! Hopefully I can hold it together and not cry at your party. We both know mommy can be a bit of a cry baby sometimes. Another thing I can’t believe is that you have TEETH! 2 of them to be exact. You’ve tried out your chompers on mommy twice already while  I snatched something out of your mouth that you picked up off the floor. I sometimes forget how quick you are. You can spot the smallest things and pick them up between your little fingers. Then you’ll sit there and chew on it right in my face just as happy and pleased with yourself. That is, until I snatch it from you! Mommy is quick too. Never forget it!

Speaking of eating, you’re a greedy little munchkin! You want to try to taste everything! You love feeding yourself. We’ve come to realize that you don’t like sauce on your food. At daycare they had to wash your ravioli off before you would have anything to do with it.  Greedy and picky, what a combination.

You’re standing up all by yourself. You’ve tried taking a few steps already but aren’t daring enough to take more just yet. You don’t want to fall down and hurt yourself. You’re kinda prissy like that, which is why you’re my little princess!

You are now and I’m sure will always be the joy of my life. Even when you become a teenager and try to work every nerve I have.

Love you Big Girl,



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