Relationship realization

Yesterday I had an Epiphany or sorts. I don’t know what sparked me to think of all my past failed relationships but they were heavy on my mind yesterday morning as I drove to church. It occurred to me that every relationship that didn’t work out where not due to me ( which I already knew) but due to the guys desire for a woman who was drama. All of their past relationships where drama. And I mean ALL of them. And here I am the “perfect” woman. I don’t argue. I don’t nag. I am supportive. I am always there when\if I’m needed and to top it all off I’m beautiful inside and out( let’s not forget the outside lol) . Yet, the ones who cheated on me, cheated with a woman who was drama! Some I ended up dumping because they were too much drama! Like always wanting to knitpick and argue and when I wouldn’t engage they’d get upset. Or if you got me to engage and it didn’t end with them winning they’d get upset( because I don’t step into arguments unless I’m winning every round. Like even if I know I’m wrong before it’s over you’ll think I’m right and that’s all because you wanted a fight).

I don’t know why I tend to attract these types of men. When I think about the type of men I’ve dated they all seem different, yet they have all ended up having the same type of baggage.

I guess I wanna know why men seem to like difficult women? Like why do they want someone who is going to fight with them? Why do they want a woman who will not support them? Why do they make it extra difficult to love them?

And women, why is arguing and fighting with your men something that you as well deem “normal”?

Maybe I’m just different because none of that appeals to me in the least. Y’all can have it!

* sigh * he needs to hurry up and come home. I’m not a fan if dating long distance. Gives me too much time to ponder things like this.


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