Guess who’s starting to cut teeth?

If you Guessed Princess J you guessed right! She’s cutting teeth at the bottom and I’m happy and sad about it. I mean who doesn’t love a gummy baby smile! lol

teeth are a comin!

She just made 9 month and it kind of makes me sad to think that in 3 months she’ll be a year old.

9 months July 30th 2010

She’s mobile and chatty. She’s starting to talk quite a bit. She will and can repeat things you say to her ( if you say it enough) She impressed my dad on sunday by repeating ” Hi Pops!” to him after he said it to her a few times. She was in love with her all over again lol.

I call her stinky sometimes. On Sunday morning she’s sitting on my lap after I get her dressed and I say to her ” all dressed stinky!” and she says back ” I stink”. I say, “you don’t stink baby.” She says, ” I stink!” lol I guess I can’t call Princess stinky anymore. Can’t have her going around talking about ” I stink!” lol My child is too much.

She’s begun pulling up on anything that can hold her and you can’t keep her still for any length of time.

Getting away as fast an I can!

She sleep in the strangest positions now that she’s mobile. Maybe this is how she wanted to lay before and why she would wake up constantly! I can honestly say, I get much more sleep now-a-days and its awesome!

dunno why in the world this is comfortable!

Oh and I tried my hand at the braiding baby’s hair again. This time was even better than the last. She still had it braided in the same style today and it’s been up since saturday morning. I did a really good job on it if I do say so myself and she’s been getting tons of compliments on her hair( like she did it herself lol) Check it out. . .

front view

side view


Silly View lol


16 thoughts on “Guess who’s starting to cut teeth?

    • Girl! She’d do it too! She doesn’t realize how how I worked to keep her from rubbing bald like most babies. It took effort I feel ya. I hardly let her sleep on her back when she was smaller and now that it’s full and thick she wants to pull it out! Go figure lol

  1. When Lewis was finally mobile enough for me to stop forcing him to sleep on his back he started sleeping all crazy too. I felt bad that he had to be on his back for so long!

    I loved the gummy smile and I miss it. We still only have 2 teeth though.

    • So ur telling me my child isn’t a weirdo for sleeping like one because its common? Lol she’s all over her bed now and that’s the only place I feel comfortable with her sleeping because she’s so wild!

      I am gonna miss those gums! *tear*


  2. Princess J! Not Princess Stinky! I am taking furious notes for CPS! First, letting your twin anywhere near her and now this! Though she looks absolutely adorable with her hair braid like this.

  3. Aww, so adorable! She is one gorgeous baby! I thought Izzy had a lot of hair, but man…Princess J has a TON OF HAIR, lol. You did a wonderful braiding job! Have you ever been to It has a lot of hairstyles, mostly braided, if you ever need some style inspiration!

    LMBO at her sleep position! I would be in all kinds of pain if I fell asleep like that!

    • πŸ™‚ thanks girly.
      I actually do hair ( as my side hustle) but baby hair just isn’t the same and to top it off, getting braids doesn’t feel good. I have been to that blog before and she does a really good job with the styles. I might use some of those on my older nieces soon. With Princess J I have to do simple stuff because she pitches a full blown fit with snot bubbles and all lol.

      Man I walked in the room this morning and sad her sleeping like that I had to go back out and grab my phone to document it lol

      • I used to do hair too! I even went to cosmetology school, but I realized that I didnt want to do it for a living. Im waaaay too shy in person to be successful at it, lol. Izzy goes on a rampage when I try to do her hair too. I have to bribe her with food to get her to stay still, and even that only works for about 5 minutes at a time, lol!

      • I thought about going to school for it but its not something I wanted to do for a living . So I tossed that idea quickly and just used it has a hustle for extra cash lol.

        Nothing much distracts princess J while she’s getting her hair combed. We just end up fighting lol. She’ll appreciate mama doing her hair the older she gets lol


  4. Awwww. Princess J makes me want a little girl.
    *If my guy knew I said this, he would be trying to jump my bones*

    Her hair is too cute. I so wish I could braid hair.
    For teething: if it seems to bother her and she loves popsicles, let her have at it with them

    • Don’t go getting your bones jumped any time soon, u know, unless its for recreation ;).

      She’ll be getting it braided every couple of weeks to help it keep growing and keep it tamed.

      She loves everything ice cream/freeze pop related. The teeth don’t seem to be bothering her yet. She’s just been a tad sassy but I’m letting her slide because of the teeth.


    • Thanks sugar! Yea those teeth are taking their sweet ol time. I don’t mind tho. I love that gummy smile.
      I’m gonna need mini you not to be born with teefis lol. That’s just rude.

    • Aww thank you. Jas really didn’t like getting her hair done ( she never does lol) but we worked it out and its a way of leaving her hair alone for a few days.


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