And the Award goes to. . .

So I was on Ms. Khaki’s Blog like I am pretty much every day( mon-fri while at work when I’m suppose to be working) and I see that she hit me with a Versatile blogger award which I gladly accept.

Im supposed to list 7 things about myself that people may not know and pass on to 5 more people. And I shall.  So lets get to it. . .

1. I really dislike pretty much all of my co-workers. Low-Key I think they are all racist and probably don’t associate with any other black people aside from me.

2. I love to swim! I could stay in a pool for hours and hours and not ever get tired of it.

3. I didn’t find Princess J’s Sperm Donor physically attractive and I thank the lawd that she looks just like me!

4. I can sing pretty darn good but I hate for people to listen to me so I play it off often.

5. I hate being in love as much as I love it( if that makes sense to anyone lol) I love the feeling but hate how complicated love can be.

6.  Sometimes I just watch by baby sleep and tears fall from my eyes( getting misty right now * sniffle* I love her more than I can even express in words. It’s crazy how instant the love between mother and child can be.

7. If I could remove just my tummy and keep the rest of my curves I would be so extra in love with my self( more than I already am lol ) I plan to work on it tho and soon.

So who do I tag? uhh. . .

Hellokittyslut because she’s my twinzy and I loves that chick-a-dee

Barista because SHE seems like a very cool chick who i’d like to know more about

Keyalus because she also seems like a very cool chick who i’d love to know more about

Babs for those same reasons

Christina, Izzy’s mommy 🙂

11 thoughts on “And the Award goes to. . .

  1. I need to call CPS to have Princess J removed for this statement right here:
    Hellokittyslut because she’s my twinzy and I loves that chick-a-dee.

    You’ve probably let HKS hold and improperly influence the little Princess, haven’t you? smh Poor child!

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  3. We are both in the same boat with number 1. I despise every last one of these fools up in here. Everyday it’s something else to work my nerves.

  4. “Barista because he seems like a very cool chick who i’d like to know more about”

    He???? Realllllly? Have you not seen all of my emotional-ness and realized I’m a total girl!!! *smh*

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