Just thought I’d try it

After seeing another blogger *Keyalus* wordless wednesday post of her little boy with aΒ  fresh head of cornrows, I thought I’d try it out on Princess J just to see how they’d look ( and if she would sit through them)

And look how well they came out( even with her squirming)

Braids! I must say, she hated sitting there while I did them so I don’t know when I will try it again, but they turned out really well and she hammed it up for the cam after I was done.


11 thoughts on “Just thought I’d try it

  1. They came out great! As if there was even a doubt. Here’s a tip I got from Meme, yes the one with gucci tourettes lol. She braids her niece’s hair while she is asleep.

    • Yea that wouldn’t work for princess J she doesn’t like getting her hair done and it wouldn’t matter if she was sleeping.


  2. That looks so good! You did a great job…so jealous! Lewis’ cornrows are looking raggedy now and I am incapable of re-doing them. When is grandma coming back? LOL!

    • Thank you! I actually braid hair, just never on babies lol. So this was a 1st for me.

      If I lived out that way I would so do his for you.


  3. I’m not sure why this is my first time over here (I’m bad about that) but your little girl is CUTE! Just precious.

  4. Why thank you! She knows it too, u see she loves hamming it up for the cam. She waits until it flashes and everything lol

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