Jasmine’s in a Contest!

Vote for me!

At the urging of Co-workers who watch the morning news lol. I was talked into entering Jasmine into a contest. She could win 5k just for being cute! If you guys have the time click on the link and go vote for Jas.

Thanks a lot .


*important Update*

Hey guys! The contest voting doesn’t start until June 28th the rep from the contest just informed me. So I’ll send out a reminder on Monday the 28th for you guy to start voting!

Thanks a bunch,


9 thoughts on “Jasmine’s in a Contest!

    • I don’t either so I’ve emailed them and asked how people vote for her. They haven’t gotten back to me yet. I will keep u posted.

      For some reason I can’t get into your blog. It says ur blog is an attacker and won’t let me in! Rude! Lol


      • It has something to do with your computer settings.
        It was giving me the same thing at work if you check under your security settings, and uncheck block reported attack sites. It will work.
        And if you just click (Ignore this warning), it will continue also continue on to the blog.

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