The Tale of the Snotty Kid

Little Snotty So my little girl goes to daycare. She’s been going every week day since she was 2 months old and I went back to work. I love the place she goes to. It’s a family daycare. I ave known the family since I was 5 years old. So they are family to me. Anyway. . .

A month or so ago Princess J has a horrible cold. She was congested, had a runny nose, watery eyes, was sneezing, could hardly eat because she couldn’t breath that great through her nose.

I would come to daycare everyday and check out all the kids just to make sure no one was sick around her.I’m a new mommy it’s just something I do! DJM!

One day I get to daycare really early and there’s a little boy there already. He’s sleeping so I don’t pay too much attention to him. When I come back later to get Princess J the little boy is still there, now awake so, I check him out.  He’s about 3 years old. He has a large shoe string around his neck which holds his pacifier 

( yea that’s how confused I am about big ass kids who still suck on pacifiers, if you can talk clearly then you don’t need a damn bink! period! ugh!)

Anyways, yea so he had his  pacifier on a shoe string around his neck and its dirty. He looks up and me and his face is gross! He has a snotty nose which he kept licking off his top lip( and he wouldn’t let anyone wipe), his eyes were runny and he had a nasty cough. THIS snotty nose kid is the only kid there when my baby in the morning and when no ones looking he’s probably all in her face with his damn germs! He’s the little fucker kid who got her sick! I was upset! His mom comes in while I’m looking at him and she says, ” Come on Snotty nose ( that’s not his name but I don’t know his name so this one fits) let’s go.” She doesn’t wipe his face or anything she just sticks that dirty ass paci in his mouth and picks him up. After he leaves I ask how long he’s been sick. They tell me he’s been like that for over a week but his mom says its allergies. ( yea whatever!)

A few days later Princess J comes down with all of those cold symptoms. The same ones Snotty nose had and I am ever so pissed. I took a few days off work to tend to her while she was at her worst until she started feeling better. It was her 1st cold.

My question was, why did that heffa not keep her kid home while he was sick? Like bring him back when the worst of his cold is over or something. I just think it’s rude as shit to bring ur snotty nose kid to school so he can pass the germs around to all of the other kids. That crap was hella annoying.

Princess J got better and all was right with the world. But that 1st cold took her down pretty hard. I blame it all on lil snot snot and his wack ass mama.


6 thoughts on “The Tale of the Snotty Kid

  1. Oh wow. I used to see a lot of snot-faced children at my nursery. A LOT. Sitting there looking like two waterfalls formed on their faces, and putting their slimy hands on everything.

    I remember one boy had bright green snot, I’m talking green as fresh spring grass after a good rain. As a three year old, I was fascinated by that. As an adult, I’m disgusted. How on earth did his folks NOT notice the radioactive looking gunk coming out of their child’s nose?!

  2. LOL You think that’s bad? I use to help one of my buddies out with her kid’s slumber parties. One time one of her own family members shows up with a kid who is coming up the front steps saying “Mommy, I don’t feel good.” I guess mommy was looking forward to a night without her kid cuz she was ignoring her child’s protests. My buddy blocked the front door to talk to the mother about what was wrong with the child. While they were talking the kid threw up on my friend’s front porch! You know the mother was still trying to drop that kid off. smh My friend sent her right on her way with her sick child.

    • Yea that’s pretty gross as well. People need to be more considerate when bringing their sick kids out in public!

  3. I can’t stand wack ass mamas. I have had to hold my tongue many days about some things that have happened at my son’s school. Don’t want the little kid to see the street side of me.

    • who you tellin! I was so annoyed with that woman. And the day she came to get him and he was all snotty she made sure she didn’t make eye contact with anyone, nor did she wipe his snotty little face off when she picked him up! Just UGH!

      I went to pick up Princess J yesterday and crept into the nursery smiling at up. I stone face him -_- and he got the hint after a few seconds. I know its not his fault but he’ll forever be know at the snotty nosed kid who gave my baby her 1st cold!

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