Move B*tch get out the way!

The title just makes me think of driving and fast! lol Does anyone else listen to that song and just want to start speed racing or just randomly elbowing people? no? just me?… oh… ok. . . Anyway. . .

I live in Southern California. We have some of the WORST drivers ever. People don’t use signals. They drive all up on your cars ass. They honk  A LOT. They mad dog you as they cut you off. Sometimes all that just to get to the same red light you were on your way to. It irks me!

But living here and driving here as brought me to the conclusion that I have road rage. I mean really I don’t know if it’s that severe but I have little tolerance for dumb ass drivers. I hate being cut  off. I hate when people drive too close behind me. I hate when people do 20mph in the fast lane on the freeway. I just can’t stand those things. I find myself driving with a mean ass scowl on my face. Like so tough that my forehead starts to hurt and I have to make myself stop because I don’t realize that I’m frowning.

Now I am not a girly dainty driver by any means. I know how to handle the road. I drive pretty aggressively but I have to living out here. It seems like everyone is always in a hurry and if you aren’t driving just as dumb as they are they get upset. And truly, pulling up on the side of me to give me a glare or to flick me off isn’t a good idea.

I always tell people, ” I see why people shoot dumb ass drivers!” because I feel that way a lot of times. Like yea, it’s lucky I don’t drive with a gun in my car because I’m sure I’d make the 9pm news.

And it seems to be worse now that I have my child in the car with me. People seems to drive on my tail even more or  cut me off or do some other such dumb ass rude driving crap.  And there isn’t much I can do because she’s in the car with me. Before she was born I was good for showing people how it felt to do whatever they had just done to me while driving. Like I was quick to show someone who was just driving all in my trunk exactly how that feels. OR if someone were to flash high beams on me at night because they thought I was going too slow and in their way, I was good for letting them pass me just to get behind them and drive with my beams on blast. You know, tit for tat type things except I was more of a jackass then they were, and on purpose!

Now that Princess J is here don’t think I’ll let people just do whatever. Now I’m good for reporting crappy drivers plates to the highway patrol. I bet they’ll slow their role then.


2 thoughts on “Move B*tch get out the way!

  1. *FAINTS* at that picture!!

    Houston will definitely challenge Southern Cali for worst drivers, mm-hmm. I let go of my road rage a couple years ago though when I saw how pointless it was and how many people get TOO angry. People are crazy!!

    • Yea people are crazy you’re totally right! I have lost some of my rage for stupid drivers since I had the baby. I can’t go all buck on people with her in the backseat!lol

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