Ex’s trying to be my Next

I always find it very interesting how relationships end and sometimes one or the other person tries to get back in good. In my case this is always my ex’s. For some reasons when my relationships end, usually at the fault of the ex, they realize the error of their ways and they try to get back in good with me. Some pretend they just want my friendship back. Other blatantly tell me they know they messed up and how great of a woman I am and they want a second chance. I tell any one I have ever dated that once a relationship is over, it’s done. I don’t go backwards and never will. I feel very strongly that relationships end for a reason and usually when you try to give er another go, it’ll end again for similar,if not the same reasons it ended before. I’ve seen it way too many times  and I’m good on it.

What always seems to happen with me is, once I get a new man in my life, that’s when the old ones come back. My ex’s are forever trying to be my next man.  They always start in with the,

Them- ” I bet he doesn’t treat you like I did.”

Me –  ” You’re right, he treats me better than you did, duh!”

Them – ” I bet he doesn’t work you like I did.”

me – ” If it was all about how you “worked” me and I thought it was so awesome, then I would have stayed with you purely for that purpose right?”

Them – ” I’ve changed since we haven’t been together, I’m a different person now.”

me – ” Well good, you’re next chick will love who you have become, glad I could help!”

Yea, that was all an actual dialog I had with an ex recently. He’s been very persistent in his trying to win me back. He likes to randomly call me baby. He is forever asking can he spend the night. He tells me often that he wishes he was my “baby daddy” ( ugh at that term in the 1st place). He even went as far as to tell me, ” I know you miss my sex!” Uh dude are u serious? If I missed your sex I could have continued to have that with you when we weren’t together. He even told me he knows he’s the best I ever had. To which I laughed at  HARD and then proceeded to tell him the TRUTH about that statement. How he was Aiight! Like yea you were good for what you were good for but you are not the best. And since he wanted to know who was, I flat-out told him,

” My guy who I’m with now, he still holds that title”

“Still?what do you mean still?”

“I mean still, as he currently held it and now he’s wearing the belt I put away for him.”

” Oh but I thought you didn’t go backwards!”

” Yea, I don’t, he was  never an ex boyfriend, you are! And we’re going to leave it that way sugar.” ( he hates that I call him sugar lmao)

Needless to say, he toned it down a bit. He did however tell me he won’t stop trying because he DESERVES to be with me. Whomp Whomp Whomp. Next!

It’s obvious he can’t deal with just being my friend which is what I proposed to him. I mean I was trying to leave him with SOMETHING since he  can’t seem to get me out of his system. But the friendship thing isn’t gonna work. Such is life. I’ve moved on. He and all the others who have been calling me recently should move on too.


4 thoughts on “Ex’s trying to be my Next

  1. Jesus save us from persistent fassy exs. T_T

    I’ve never had an ex (never felt the urge to date, really), but my friend has. Even years after he knocked up some other woman and she kicked his ass to the curb for it, he’s still bugging her.

  2. I am the exact same way. I refuse to back track. You became an ex for a reason dummy.

    My ex tries constantly to communicate with me (always texts, never calls), I simply erase the message and don’t text back.
    My son’s dad is annoying as all get out too. This fool had the nerve to tell me one day, when he get back down to his high school size I will want him. B!$#h, Boom, Bye!!!!! I hung up the phone laughing in his face. When his tail decides to grow up, I still will not want him. When will these fools learn I can do bad all by myself. On the other hand, I am completely happy with my guy now.

    • lmao@ “B!$#h, Boom, Bye!!!!!”

      I don’t know why some ex’s think they were so spectacular. I mean if you were, don’t you think I would have wanted to keep you? Simpletons! lol

      I’m glad you have a good guy in your life too. The good ones make you look at your ex’s like “WTF was I thinking!?”

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