Baby’s 1st Easter Sunday( in pictures)

She wasn't too pumped to have her hair done so early on a sunday morning

pretty princess all dressed and ready
and yes she does have on peep toes lol

she was ready to go!

Sponge Bob was more exciting than mommy taking pictures


6 thoughts on “Baby’s 1st Easter Sunday( in pictures)

  1. *tip tip tip tip* You ought to be ashamed of yourself for put that first pic up there of that adorable little baby. She got on her puff puff pass pass face! Shame shame shame on you! I’m calling CBPS (Cute Baby Protection Services) on you! …as soon as I find the number…

    • No that was her “mama its too darn early for this camera stuff” face lol. She had just finished pitching a fit about me doing her hair. So the pics on top of that? She was well past over it lol

      And call the po po hoe! I don’t even curr! :p

  2. aww she’s cute. i’m a picture fiend with my son too. i take so many pictures of him he grabs my phone, camera, & whatever else i have and says..”stop taking pictures”. lol. my son attention span is “0” if the wonder pets are on it doesn’t matter what i’m saying. he’ll even look at me and be like, “shhh…i’m watching the wonder pets”. i’m like…dude..

    • Lol that’s what parents do! I have tons of pics of Princess Jas. Sometimes she’s with the program and smiles for me and other times she just wants me to leave her alone lol. She might as well get over it. Her mama is a picture whore! Lol

      Gonna need to see a pic of ur mini me!

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