Hair today gone. . . forever

I have Alopecia . ( gone head and click that link if you want the full on explanation of what it is) To sum it up it means my hair falls out in patches and creates bald spots. Once the hair is gone, it doesn’t grow back. I have a form known as Alopecia Areata Multilocuaris which means I have several patches in my scalp. I have lived with this since I was 18 or so. It started off as slight hair loss but it progressed to larger patches .People who don’t know me have no clue I have Alopecia because I have dealt with it so long that I am very good at covering it. The downside to that is I am limited in the hairstyles I can wear * sad face *. I’d love to wear my hair in just a simple straight back ponytail every now and again. I can’t. Well I can but umm yea my patches would be extra visible. I’d love to cut my hair off into a short curly style. I can’t do that either. So my only option is to wear it long or in braids ( like I have it now).



Naturally curly like ^ that

Slicked down into a low ponytail ( which I hate!)

Slicked the hell down

curly sue

or curled ( yea sorry I cut my own head off lol)

So I’m sure u see the pattern here. Unless I have my hair in a low slicked down ponytail i always have to wear is downΒ  *ugh!* That gets annoying, it really does. The Alopecia prevents me from doing a lot of nice things with my hair. Maybe that’s why I do hair on the side. To live vicariously through the heads that I do lol.

I just pray to white Jesus that my daughter doesn’t inherit this crap. She has a full head right now. I hope she gets to keep it πŸ™‚

Jassy and her Crop πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Hair today gone. . . forever

  1. *tipping in to cause more shenanigans*

    Aw shucks! Sorry to hear that but you are right I would never guess from your pictures that you have it. You do a great job working with what you got and you should be really happy about that. And don’t start worrying about what genes you’ve passed on to the little princess right now. Just enjoy her as she is and let the future take care of itself.

    *tipping out to wait an appropriate amount of time to come back & act up*

    • You know I see her hair thinning in places like babies hair does from laying on their backs and it makes me worry that she’s developing it as well. Paranoid I guess. But thank you. I try and make it look as normal as possible. Been doing it for years. I will just enjoy princess jas tho and not worry so much that she’ll develope this condition. Thanks CCD sugar.

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