Where you been?

I’ve spent more time reading other peoples blog than updating my own. I have too much stuff on my mind at any given moment and I forget to come here and release it. That is why I started this blog to begin with. Not for followers or fans or comments, but because EYE needed some place to come to just vent if that’s what I fell like doing at the time.

Here are just a few random things:

I LOVEEEEE my Princess Jasmine as anyone can tell by reading my posts. She is the joy of my life. My greatest accomplishment. She makes me go harder than before and I love her for it.

I despise my child’s sperm donor as you can also tell by reading. He’s shown me he’s a bum ass nigga. A low life. He’s nothing. The courts must deal with him now because I’m good on him. He’s not hurting me by not stepping up, because I’ve stepped up enough for the both of us. He’s not hurting Jasmine because she doesn’t know dude, so she could care less right about now. Hell, she’s only 3 months old. He’s missing out on a beautiful little girl. Sad that other dudes who had nothing to do with her conception WISH they were her father.*shrug* Oh well for you loser.

I am tired of my job but I feel stuck. I’m a single parent and I have bill to pay. I can’t go out looking for new employment when I am blessed to be working, when so many others aren’t.

Why do men from my past keep popping up? Like where did you dudes come from? And what the fuck do y’all want all of a sudden?

I think once you’re past the age of 21 you’re too old to be calling the person you date girlfriend/boyfriend. It just sounds so juvenile to me. I mean I guess the term I use doesn’t sound any better. I say ” My dude” lmao. People know what the hell I mean damnit! But I just don’t like saying boyfriend. I’m way too grown for that. A sista will be 30 at the end of the year. And unless it’s “Husband” it’s “my dude” . *Shurg*

Why the hell is daycare so damn expensive? I mean shit! I am however grateful I have a place to send her with people I know, and they aren’t charging me the full amount. I’m also grateful I got to write that shit off on my taxes lol

Why do people complain so much about shit they have no control over? Does complaining make you feel any better? I bet it doesn’t. The people you’re complaining to are tired of hearing you talk about the bullshit issue anyway. So just stop it. Count your blessings and move on. If you can’t control it, get over it.

That’s it for now. I have to make sure next time something pops in my head I need to speak on, I have to either write it down and blog about it later or open my blog up if I’m in front of the pc and wooosaaaa 🙂

5 thoughts on “Where you been?

  1. Ok Ms K – do your worst, hit me with that set of scary photos…….(you do get to see my email when I post here, dontcha?)

    I’ve a bucket next to me, just in case, and some rum to accentuate the maudlin when I’m done and feel all is wrong with the world…..

  2. Hey Zuly pooh! I don’t know how the hell blogroll works. I used to use blogger until the blocked it at work lol.

    Thank u on the jasmine compliment. She is a little snuggle bunny. We snuggle all the time lol.

    I don’t know what us grown people should call out significant others. I just can’t go back to saying “boyfriend”. I’m not 12.

  3. Hey sweety! Why didn’t you ever tell me you added me to your blogroll? I’ve added you to both my blogs.

    Your daughter is gorgeous! I just wanna cuddle her.

    I know how you feel about the boyfriend thing. But what else can you say? “Hey mom, meet my lover…” Haha.

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