Happy New Year!

Happy new year folks! My end of year turned out to be pretty good. The birth of my baby girl was truly a blessing and having her here has brought me nothing but happiness. She was my birthday gift ( my bday was on thanksgiving day)

bday gift

my Christmas present

Christmas gift

and my new year smooch at midnight lol

New Years kiss

. I hope you all are starting off you new year in the most positive, motivated way you know how. I know I am. Things are looking up for me and I plan on keeping it that way.



2 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Okay, I popped over from OHN and was just browsing around on their site. BUT… I had to comment on this cute lil’ munchkin you were blessed with! Wow! Do I understand correctly that she was born Jan 1, 2010? What a great start for the new year!!

    Adorable! ABSOLUTELY adorable!!! Congrats on the new life you have brought into this world– children are such great gifts (well, as long as we do well by them and lead them “down the right path”). I only mention that because of those thoughtless “parents” who DO give birth. You know the ones who pose their children with bottles of beer or an AK firearm!!! 🙂

    Again, congrats on your BEAUTIFUL baby daughter! I miss babies so much these days! Hugs you and your daughter from afar!!!


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