You were. . .


You were once everything I ever wanted

My day was brightened by the mere thought of you

My life was complete because you found me

My days ended knowing tomorrow we’d keep evolving

My love for you was endless

My time with you was stupendous

In your eyes I saw my future

Years of living and loving with you

Soon it all ended

I no longer felt the love from you that once was so apparent

I no longer felt the hugs from you I always cherished

My days were filled with worry and uncertainty

My life was consumed with thoughts of inadequacy

My heart started to break into a million little pieces

The love you once had for me, it ceased, it . . . flew away

And no netted trap could keep it

It wasn’t mine to have any longer

Your distaste for me seemed to grow stronger

I don’t know at what point your feelings changed

My love for you still remained

A fool I was to try so hard

To keep you here when it wasn’t in your heart

Trying to fit a circle into a square peg

I was almost tempted to try and beg

But that’s not who I am or will ever be

Just like you found me, in an instant, you were set free

You were once everything I ever wanted

And what I wanted couldn’t be

My vision is now unclouded

I see more clearly

Everything I want is just not who you are

One day I’ll have my dreams come true

And I won’t have to look very far

Copyright ©2009 Kristin Hurd

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