Letter to love


Dear Love,

Dear Love, it’s been awhile since we sat and had a conversation. I promised I’d keep in touch, so I’m keeping my word. How is life treating you Love? Last time I was with you, life was lousy. Are people still telling you that you Stink Love? I remember when I used to feel that way about you too. Remember when I told you that time, “fuck you love!” I remember it clearly. We weren’t friends for a while after that Love. I came to my senses and apologized for cursing your name. But that’s how I felt at the time. I blamed you for everything that was going wrong in my life and for you making me trust that everything would be all right as long as I had you Love. And I felt safe with you Love. I loved being you with Love. But sometimes you get a little too deep. Sometimes I think that I don’t need you Love. Like I’d be better off if you didn’t exist. Like I’d be much happier if I didn’t have you Love. But I know now that isn’t true. I need you Love. I want you Love. Never leave me Love. Sounds like I’m begging huh? Well that’s because I am Love. Please don’t turn your back on me. Please stay with me. I promise to never misuse you. Not even in the toughest times Love. I want to fill my heart with you because you mean that much to me Love. Yea I know I’ve said all this to you before. And it may seem like Déjà vu. But I’ve never felt anything like I feel when I have love to turn to. You make me smile love. You even make me cry. But whenever I think about you and all the good times we’ve had, I get all giddy inside. Being with you Love is sometimes a gift and a curse. But not having you with me would be far worse. And I know I’ve said all this before and I ended up tossing you aside. But, I don’t want to do that to you again Love, I guess I had to swallow my pride. I thought I could live without you Love, but it’s obvious I can’t. So I’m pouring my heart out to you Love in hopes that you come back.




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