Is being gay an option?

Is being gay a choice or an option? My opinion on this topic may differ from those of others but, I feel that being gay is not something one chooses (for the most part, I’ll explain further down). I don’t feel that people would choose gay if they had a choice. My uncle is gay. He didn’t choose that lifestyle. He grew up doing all the things men did. He dated women. He played sports. But when it all boiled down to it, he only did these things to fit into society. I do understand that people who are very into religion base their beliefs on what is written in the bible and that is fine but there comes a time when one should look at things objectively. Now sexual interaction usually is a choice (except for in cases of rape and sexual molestation or things of that nature). There are homosexual men and women in the world who have never acted on their sexual urges toward someone of the same sex mostly because they are also religious and don’t want to go against what is written in the bible. Then there are those who openly act on their urges and are shunned because of what they feel is right for them. Then there are those who sneak and feed their desire to have sex with the same sex thus passing on sexually transmitted diseases to someone of the opposite sex (this is usually men but can be women as well). If society were more accepting on something such as this which will never go away, then people would not feel so ashamed of what they are doing that they have to sneak around to be themselves. I am a heterosexual woman. My preference is men. I was born with a natural attraction to men. It is what it is. But some people were not born with natural attraction to the opposite sex. I think when parents notice that their child is different and they try to suppress the child’s urges eventually that child will rebel. I say don’t treat the child any different. Gay people are people too. Now there are times when I feel like being gay is a choice. Mostly with women. When a woman is hurt by a man and feels like they are all no-good dogs, she turns to the comfort of women. That does not make her gay that makes her hurt. Those women usually go back to men and then consider themselves bi. Now I don’t think there is such a thing as bi but that is a different topic.


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