Valentines Day

e0b9Valentine’s Day So Valentine’s Day is here. And guess what? I could care less! It’s a day that suppose to be about showing the one you love that you love them right? A day to do something special for that person right? Well that’s a crock of shit! Why do I have to wait one day out of the year for the person who is suppose to care about me to show me that he cares? Shouldn’t Valentine’s Day be every day? Why do so many women EXPECT so much one day a year and not expect anything any other time? How dumb are these chicks? Your man should tell you he loves you everyday (if that’s how he feels about you). He should pamper you just because and not just because the calendar says Feb. 14th. You women are selling yourselves short. I have never been one to celebrate this so-called “holiday”. If the guy I’m with decided he wants to buy me a gift, then mo power to him but I will not sit around expecting him to do something special on that one day. This damn “holiday” is to hyped up that everyone thinks they need to participate. My cousin said she’s “anti-valentine’s day”. I feel her but I’m not opposed to people feeling the need to celebrate it, just opposed to women thinking that this day is the day their man needs to show them that he cares. So you won’t hear me talking about “fuck love” because I think love is a beautiful thing. But FUCK VALENTINE’S DAY!

*written in February , moved from my other blog*

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