What’s the Haps

Hey guys!

September has already been a bust month and we’re already halfway through it. This post will be random but you guys are used to that from me already lol.

Jas has been in school since the 25th of August. She enjoys it but she complains that she already knows how to do a lot of the stuff they are teaching. She said, ” It’s too easy.” I’m hoping that these past few weeks are just refreshers to see what they know since her teachers are just getting acquainted with the kids. In the mean time I just compensate at home with harder things to challenger her. She hasn’t got the reading down and she wants to so bad so we’re working on that.

My vision improves daily. I think I’ve already outgrown my current prescription but I’ll have to wait until next month when I have my follow up with the specialist to be sure. Sometimes I see much better without my glasses and that’s never been the case for me.

Speaking of my eyes, since they are better I can get back to writing my third book. I’ve really missed writing and can honestly say I enjoy reading my own story. If I can get back into a groove I can publish by my birthday. It’ll be a nice gift to myself.

My dating has taking an very unexpected turn. I have kind of reconnected with someone I’ve known since I was 19. We aren’t official or anything because that’s just too much too soon but we agreed that we would continue to be friends and see where THIS goes. He makes me smile everyday so I think it’s off to a pretty good start.

So What’s the haps with you guys?

Forever doesn’t last

I got to work and logged onto one of the celeb gossip blogs i read and  ran across a post that included a song by Jazmine Sullivan. First of all I love her voice so much but second, she wrote a song that I feel speaks to me. I’m sure we have all been in relationships that we thought would last forever but forever feel short. My last relationship was one of those. No matter how much love, work and effort I put into it, it wasn’t meant to be.

“Forever doesn’t last too long these days” Jazmine sings on the track and sometimes y’all, it’s the truth. I hope to find forever with someone one day but right now I;m content with loving me.

Listen to the track below if you haven’t heard it. Tell me if you feel it!


I guess I’m Sexy (Krissy Khornicles)

So I mentioned in mu previous post that I had met a new guy. Well that new guy has already gotten the boot. Y’all wanna know why? Well it’s because I’m sexy. Let me explain. . .

When I met this dude he told me numerous times that i was sexy, beautiful. And he was quite attractive so the feeling was mutual. Well fast forward to us having hung out 2 more times and having shared a few smooches ( sue me, I said he was fahn!) his true agenda comes out. This guy wanted me in his bed because I’m sexy!

He called one night this week after 11pm. I’m sleep and so is Jas. I barely missed the call so I called him right back. The conversation went like this.

Him: Hey beautiful, what you doing?
Me: I was sleeping.
Him:Oh so I woke you up?
Me: Yep, what’s up though?
Him: You miss me?
Me: I guess
Him: You wanna see me?
Me: It’s kinda late but I’m up now. Were you out and about or something?
Him: No, but come get me.
*record scratch*
Me: What? I’m not coming to get you. It’s late and my daughter is sleeping.
Him: Yea she’s sleeping so sneak out and come get me.
Me: I dont know what kind of woman you think I am but I’m def not the type who leaves her sleeping child at home to see about a man.
Him: Well get me a cab.
*again, record scratch*
Me: Get your own damn cab!
Him:Oh I see how it is, good night.
And he hung up. . . in my face!

Y’all, I don’t play those type games. Asking me to leave my child alone to come get you is a bit extra but hanging up in my face is so damn disrespectful.

So I text him and tell him how rude he had just been and for him not to treat me like an eff’in booty call because that’s not what this is.

His response was, ” You’re just so sexy, I want to be with you.”

So I guess I’m sexy and that requires being treated like a hooker. Mind=BLOWN!

I asked a guy that I used to date if there was something that I do that gives men the impression that they should have me in their beds. His response,
“It’s your sexiness”

I tell him that I’m not trying to be sexy, I’m not showing a bunch of skin. I’m not doing anything sexy. He says,
“If not anything you do. It just radiates. you walk into a room and it’s noticeable. I’m sorry, you’re just sexy.”

So in conclusion, I’m sexy and that’s not really a great thing for me while navigating this dating thing.


I’ve never done one of these and now is as good a time as any right? lol So here it goes. . .

Enjoying- The fact that it’s Friday and I get a chance to recharge for a few days.

Loving- the fact that my child is so excited for school to start Monday. I hope she keeps this enthusiasm always.

Feeling- Like I could take a nap at my desk. It’s extra boring at the end of the month.

Thinking About- The guy I met up with briefly Wednesday evening. He was interesting, in a good way and the fact that he was very handsome didn’t hurt one bit.

Distending to= My co-workers complain about how bored they are today. If we would still get paid for leaving, we’d all go home early.

Watching- Videos on instagram

Making me happy- Just living. Being alive. I’m grateful.

Y’all have a great weekend!