Oh the Randomness

  • My honest has been working out in the Texarkna area for a goof 3 weeks now and we miss him. I think he’s homesick because he’s talked about quitting twice already.
  • Honey wants to live in a state other than California. I would consider it and y’all know I have in the past but I’m too grown to move to another state for a “boyfriend”. I ain’t gon do it.
  • My job is still boring as hell but I need to keep it while I consider cosmetology school. If I’m gonna do that I need to still work here during the day.
  • I’m still at work. This has been the longest day of my life.
  • I’m still working on my book, I hope to be done before summer.
  • Jas is getting tall on me. She finally outgrew all her 3T clothes.
  • Anybody need some 3T clothes?
  • I’m excited to dress my baby up for Easter. I got her the cutest little dress and I’m debating on flat ironing her hair for the 1st time.
  • I have to make an appointment to see the Endocrinologist. I’m having issues with my legs and feet and it’s kind of scaring me.
  • For some reason I can only read REAL books in the bathtub.
  • Jas is going to start Kindergarten this fall. She’ll start while she’s still 4 so I’m trying to make sure she’s prepared.
  • I have to work on my patience with her when it comes to her school work. I get frustrated when I know she knows how to do something but pretends she doesn’t remember to get out of it.
  • I’m tired a lot. Another reason why I need to see the specialist.

Well that’s all for now! Hope y’all have a wonderful weekend!


Another Relationship Snippet

Here’s a scene from the new book I’m working on. I’ve finally hit my groove with it and I’m excited to see how it all comes together. This book is about a woman named Tonya who is married to Benjamin. They’ve been together since the final semester of her senior year in college. He’s a bit older than her and much more worldly. She grew up in a small town in Ga and college was her first time leaving home. Years have past, a child has been born and things aren’t exactly how either of them expected. I don’t want to give too much away so I’m leaving you with a short snippet from a scene in part 2 of my book.

Hope you enjoy!


Part 2:You can go home again
Atlanta Hartsfield Airport

Junior ran slightly ahead of me making airplane noises as he flew the toy plane the flight attendant gave him for being such a good boy during his first flight.I stared out of the window thinking about Ben the entire flight. Thoughts only interrupted by Junior asking questions or becoming restless. By the time we were in the air an hour Junior dozed off and was asleep in my lap the rest of the flight.
Tears welled up in my eyes as thought back to the evening before. Ben seemed so cold and distant when I told him I’d be going home and wasn’t sure how long I’d be gone.
“You want to come with us Ben?”
“You two can go. I’ll be sure to check up on you every now and again.” he said, washing his face over the bathroom sink as I stood next to him.
“You sure? You just got home and we’re leaving. We’ve never spent this much time apart.”
“You need to check on your dad and I have to get back to work anyway. Neither of us need the distraction.”
“Distraction Ben? Wow, really? Is that what we are to you?” I asked, tears filling my eyes.
“You know I didn’t mean it that way. You’re so got damn sensitive Tonya geez.” he pushed past me to get to his dresser.
“Is it a crime to miss my husband? You didn’t even want to make love to me last night. How am I supposed to feel?” I walked over to my side of the bed taking a seat with my back to him. I didn’t want him to see me crying. . . again.
“Look,” He said, changing his shirt, “Sometimes I’m not in the mood okay? I’m not always in the mood to make love to my wife. Is that a crime? Does that make me a bad guy? I’m really getting tired of this shit Tonya. I have to come home from being on the road and deal with your whining bullshit. I’m sorry I wasn’t in the mood last night and this argument isn’t  making tonight look too promising either.”
I watched him walk out of the room not even bothering to glance in my direction. The next thing I heard was jingling keys and the front door closing. I knew our bed would be cold and lonely once again.

Christina’s inspiration for Trouble with Love (Blog book Tour)

Hi!  I’m Christina Jones, author of “The Trouble With Love”, which tells the story of twin sisters Cameron and Jaleesa (Jai) as they navigate the sometimes murky waters of love.  ttwlcover

When I started writing this book, I didn’t know that my main character even had a sister, let alone a (fraternal) twin!  The Trouble With Love was originally Cameron’s story.

I was watching something on TV, probably some crappy reality show, and something about finding a man who fit this ideal list of characteristics was mentioned.  The person really thought that if they could just meet this perfect guy, and fall in love, everything else would just fall into place.  But life never is quite that neat, is it?

cameronSo, I started brainstorming, and Cameron introduced herself to me.  She was well-organized, a business owner, health-conscious, mostly pleasant, attractive, etc. Plus, she already had the ‘dream’ guy: handsome, charming, successful Kyle. Cameron had a very carefully constructed image of perfection, and she puts a lot of effort into maintaining that.

But then, as always, reality strikes, and during Cameron’s crisis, Jai introduced herself. A twin who didn’t even look like the other one!

jaiJai was willing to get a little rowdier than Cameron.  She’s a little more fun, more relaxed, more outgoing.  She also has terrible luck with men. Jai’s story opens with the end of a relationship, then goes right into another pretty major fail.

These events lead to a story of being open to love when it happens, and not being limited by your failures.

Unfortunately, their failures aren’t the only things adding complications.  A pretty major event leads to some significant adjustments for Cameron, and an ongoing ailment becomes problematic for Jai. And, at some point, the sisters have to actually run their businesses.

So, The Trouble With Love is a snapshot into a pretty hectic year in these women’s lives!

You can find all of Christina’s books HERE on Amazon.com

What you won’t do for love

You’ve tried everything

but you won’t give up -Bobby Caldwell

And I can’t give up is more like it.
My Honey found new employment after 2.5 months of not working steady. I’m happy he found a gig but not so happy that its taking him out of state again.

He came over last night so we could talk. He knew full well that I didn’t want him to go that far, but I am fully aware of how him not working effects us all.

So after tears were shed and feelings were exchanged and heard, he asked me, sincerely not to give up on him. I looked him in his eyes as he stared into mine and told him I wouldn’t. And I won’t.

Love will make us do things we never thought it would. Take us to places we never thought we’d go. But in the end. It’s all worth it. The lessons are always worth it.

God told me to press forward once I prayed on it and that’s exactly what I intend to do.

Pray for me y’all. Pray for us.