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So I joined the world of Facebook. Not to reconnect with folks or see what they’re doing all the time, but to promote my brand. I’m an Author and I’ve been told many times over if I want to reach the masses I have to put myself out there. I didn’t promote my first two books much and because of that people I know in real life didn’t even know I had books out and available. With my third project under my belt and it being the work I am most proud of so far, I plan to promote all three books.

I think readers will notice my growth from one book to the next which is something I have noticed myself after reading my first two projects again. Those books weren’t bad by any means but there are a few parts that I would want to change and as an independent author who self publishes, I can do that and I just might for the new readersΒ  I’ll be gaining through promotion.

I really would like to thank all of you who have already supported me and continue to do so. It means so much that this blog community embraces each other so much and supports each other endeavors. You guys are my peeps and I really love and appreciate each and every one of you guys for real.

So follow me on Facebook. Kristin Hurd is the gubment name if you ain’t know it.

You got a story? I want to hear it!

Hey y’all!

I just finished my third book and while I’m waiting on it to be edited and what not, I'[m going to start working on my next project. It’s loosely based on my current dating situations and I’m asking for your inspiration. If any of you have some funny, silly, horrible, lovely dating stories, feel free to share them with the class ( or email, or text or call me if you have my info). I want this book to be realistic, fun and funny, which describes my main character. This book will feature a lot of blind dates and quite a bit of them are completely #fails for one reason or another.

So if you have a story to share, feel free and if I use parts of it in this book you will surely get a shout out for your help.

Also, if anyone wants to be a beta reader for this project, leave me your e-mail and I will include you once I start working on chapters. Beta readers are the best and your input is truly helpful and appreciated.


IMG_20141126_203723[1]Doesn’t 34 look good on me!?* hair flip*

This year had been trying to say the least but I made it through much stronger than I started. I’ve learned a lot about myself this year and I’m happy with the woman I have become. A lot of people used the word ” Blessed” to describe the role I played in their lives when wishing me a happy birthday and each time I got a little misty. I am grateful and honored to be able to be a blessing in and on the lives of those I love and hopefully they all realize how much of a blessing they all are to me.

Here’s to the 34th year. May it be the best one yet!


P.S My birthday outfit was so on point and flattering in all the right ways.

Thoughts on a Monday

Birthday is Wednesday and this year, unlike the last, I’m looking forward to it. last year I felt pretty blah but this year I’m much more excited about life.

I’m on the very last chapter of my book and that part is exciting. It’s not flowing as easily as other chapters but I’m just hoping the characters start speaking to me so I can move on. I love the story but I am ready to move on to something else. Writers will feel what I mean lol.

The end of the year seems to be steam rolling right along. This year has been filled with lots of changes but I am happy we made it through.

Jas has suddenly fallen back in love with Yo Gabba Gabba/ For awhile she acted like she was too big for it but I think the songs and messages men something different to her now so she can appreciate it. We were watching her dvd while I was doing her hair last week and there was an episode on about being nice and kind to friends. She told me her friend Logan tells the teacher that she calls him weird. She said, ” I don’t call him weird, I never said that. I never called him weird. I just told him he wasn’t that handsome, but I never called him weird.” When I tell y’all I could hardly hold in my laughter. I pulled myself together and told her, “Baby, that’s not very nice to say to someone.” She responded, “Oh.” She gets that honesty thing from me so I can’t be mad at it but I always want her to at least try and consider others feelings.

I was looking though a box of birthday card from other the years and cam across quite a few cards from HG ( my current kinda bae) and was reminded how long we’ve known each other and how sweet he’s always been, so it sucked when I mixed up bis birthday which was on the 20th and called him midnight on the 21st thinking I was early. He was salty and said he was an afterthought. I told him to blame my head and not my heart. I felt bad the rest of the day because as long as I’ve known him, hes never forgotten my birthday but in my defense, I didn’t forget, just had my dates flipped.

It’s Monday, I’m at work not wanting to be here but this Teyanna Taylor album is pretty nice, helping me get through it.

That’s all I git, Hope y’all had a great weekend.

On the Fence

It seems that every year as my child gets older I think about the other party who helped create her. Her Sperm Donor or SD as I call him around these parts has not made a single attempt to contact me in regard to her. He knows she exists and CHOOSE not to meet her or be a part of her life which is truly his loss and no one elses.


My mom, sister and Niece saw him earlier this year at an event at my nieces and nephews elementary school and when confronted by my mom he acted like he didn’t know what she was talking about when she mentioned Jas and he bolted out of there quickly. My mom was disgusted and frankly, so am I. So why even think about him?

Well the reason is because Jas needs to know. While the Ex does what he promised and keeps in contact with her fairly regularly. he’s no longer in the same state as us. Yea, she has uncles and a grandfather and her Godfather is here but they don’t take the place of “daddy”.

So I’m on the fence. I have been thinking about going to the place where I know his bum assΒ  mom still lives and go and talk to him. Offer him the opportunity to get to know her. If he refuses at least I can tell her I tried. I am trying to raise a child who doesn’t feel like she’s lacking or missing out and I never want her to feel like someone didn’t love her. My biggest fear is that he comes into her life and then leaves and she gets hurt. I couldn’t live with that.

While she and I have very similar things going on with our SD’s, I knew who mine was and then got a replacement when I was 5. For her, she got a replacement before she was born and has never met hers. It’s possible she’s better off, I don’t know. What I do know is I won’t keep secrets from my child. Sooner than later she will know that my Ex is not her biological dad but he is the dad who chose her and for that I will always be grateful because even now that we aren’t together he could choose to walk away but he hasn’t, not from her.

If you were in my situation would you seek out the SD? Would you allow him the opportunity to be a part of your child’s life? Or would you wash your hands of him and say Eff it? I’m just trying to make the best choice for Jas because she is my number one priority

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